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I'm thinking I might reapply....

Discussion in 'Re-Applicants [ MD / DO ]' started by musiclink213, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. musiclink213

    musiclink213 My room is a mess
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    Oct 20, 2003
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    Medical Student
    Just some brief background. I'm about to graduate in May, GPA close to 3.6, MCAT took twice, first time did horribly, second time 29 (7 PS, 11 VR, 11 BS). My application was complete at all the schools around October. So far, it's been nothing but bad news. All these rejections are really starting to bother me. I talked with my advisor, and a few other people, and we kinda thouhgt maybe the 7 in PS was keeping me back. I have a fair amount of clinical experience, although maybe not as much as the ADCOM's want?

    As for EC's, I"ve got some leadership positions in a couple clubs, volunteer tutor for local HS kids, a couple music things (I've participated in a couple competitions, played Carnegie Hall, etc.) hospital volunteer, I studied abroad for a semester. I have no research simply because I have zero interest in it.

    I'm going to speak with somebody from a couple schools that have rejected me to find out what it is I could do to improve my application should the remaining schools not work out. Anyway, what is there to do during the year then? Assuming it is the MCAT score, and I won't have to take off a cycle to improve my grades or get more clinical, is there some sort of job someone could recommend? I would really like something clinical, or something using my degree (biochemistry).

    And what do you guys think? Could the 7 in PS really hold me back that much even though I got 11's on the other 2 sections? I tried to apply to DO, but I'm having problems getting my transcript from Paris where I studied, and the AACOMAS wants it, and I'm having problems getting a transcript waiver from them.
  2. silas2642

    silas2642 silas2642
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    Jul 24, 2005
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    The 7 could definitely be holding you back, but your mcat scores are pretty strong. That being said, I wouldn't re-take the mcat unless you are absolutely 100% positively sure that you will be able to bring up your score.

    It also sounds as if you want to gain some more clinical experience. My best clinical experiences have been shadowing physicians because it showed me what it really was like to be a doctor, all the work in involved, and reinforced that this was really what I wanted to do with my life. The other advantage of shadowing doc is that he/she can write you a letter of recommendation. I've had three lor from doctors and I think that has really helped me during this application cycle.

    Look at your personal statement while you're at it. Have other people who know you well read it and give you feedback. Does your passion and personality come through in your words? Have people who may not know you as well read it to give you some feedback.

    Your stats are solid, and if you want this badly enough, you'll eventually reach your goal. I do think that it's a good idea to contact the schools who rejected you and find out what they thought was your main weakness in your application. Good luck.
  3. dr.z

    Physician 10+ Year Member

    Jul 3, 2004
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    I guess if you want to re-apply, you should re-take the MCAT. If you can even get that PS to 8, I'm sure you'll have better news. Also try to apply earlier.

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