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    I am an IMG who applied to the SF Matching program for a glaucoma fellowship to start in 2012.
    I have an ECFMG certificate (at the time I completed my USMLE there was no CSA and step 3 yet). I just chose glaucoma programs in my rank list which did not specify the necessity of step 3/CSA.
    I also completed a 1 year glaucoma fellowship under a single preceptor at MEEI in 2004-05 which did not require a CSA or step 3 and I have decided again to get another glaucoma fellowship in the US in 2012.
    1) Are chances of getting interviews/matching higher if one had already had completed a previous clinical glaucoma fellowship?
    2) Is step 3/CSA important these days and somehow would that affect my chances of getting interviews/matching
    Eventually I plan to get back to my home country after training.
    Thank you very much

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