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Nov 4, 2011
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Do you have recent US "clinical" letters?
YOG (year of graduation) is a big factor in desirability. PD's have a selection screen that will eliminate just about anyone with a 10 year YOG. Applying to a specialty, programs and locations that are less preferred is key. So are strong USMLE scores (for all steps!) and the support of local physicians (academic, if possible).
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Oct 11, 2006
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The honest truth is that you'll have an uphill battle with this. Many programs use YOG as a filter screen, and often anyone more than 5, or 7, or 10 years is simply filtered out. It's not clear from your initial post, but if you're already 10 years out, it will likely be another 1-2 years before you're ready to apply and you'll be more than 10 years. Some programs may not have a cutoff, and you'll need to research program websites to sort this out. It depends upon what country/school you went to, and what type of experience you had in your home country.

As mentioned, if you do well on your USMLE exams and manage to get some US experience (likely an observership), then you will have some chance of getting a spot. Any clinical experience at a local program will increase your chances of getting a spot at that program, but is very hard to do. Only you can assess whether the cost of all of the USMLE exams is worth a chance at a spot. You'll need to be flexible about where you would train, and your choice of fields may be very limited.