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    I am an international med.student i took my Step 11/09/05. is there a way to see if i passes before i get my results via the mail
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    Dec 3, 2005
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    I'm curious as to why nobody has answered this yet. I would also like to know. Surely you should be able to check online after about 6 weeks? And depending on the postal system in your country, the online system may be slightly faster than regular mail?
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    Step 1: Go to this website:

    Step 2: Click on the OASIS button at the right
    Step 3: Fill out your USMLE ID and password
    Step 4: Click on USMLE/CSA Score Reporting Information at the left
    Step 5: Check if your score has been reported.

    If your score has been reported, go back to

    Step 6: Click on the ECFMG Home button on the left
    Step 7: Click on Interactive Web Application (IWA)
    Step 8: Scroll down
    Step 9: At the bottom left you will see "Begin new application"
    Step 10: Click on "Step 1,2, or CSA"
    Step 11: Scroll down and click on "Proceed with IWA application"
    Step 12: You will see this:

    ECFMG Examination History
    Have you ever submitted an application to ECFMG for any examination,
    even if you did not take the examination?
    Yes, and I know my USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number. Yes, but I
    do not know my USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number.
    No, I have never submitted an application to ECFMG.

    Step 13: Choose the first option and click next
    Step 14: You may have to log in again on the next page with your USMLE ID and password
    Step 15: The screen will ask which exam you are interested in. Select
    the exam you took and click next

    The next screen will be in red print saying that you have successfully
    taken this step and can't re-apply for it if you passed. If you
    failed, it will let you go on.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!!!!

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