Aug 31, 2017
Hi All,

I am new to this forum and since long I have been gathering the wealth of knowledge, hope joining this forum will help me find out some answers I am looking for.. I am a Canadian citizen now living in Australia with my husband how is a stroke neurologist, He has completed his education in India but has done his fellowship in stroke from Canada for 3 years. Now we are in Australia and he is working as a consultant and he is Fellow of Royal Australian Collage. He has a total experience of 20 years with 5 years of western training.
We are applying for Canadian PR for him real soon.

What I need to know is:

If we move back to Canada, does the RACP consider him at par with their standards, given that he has experience working the system for 5 years and now in Australia?
If yes, then what would be the process?
If no, then what to expect?

Can he work as a professor at the university since he is a associated with the university in Australia?

What kind of work he do while he is able to practice medicine?

Your responses would be appreciated any links to get the process started would be welcomed. We are planing to move to B.C.
I thank everyone in advance for their input.

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