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Feb 11, 2007
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im really interested in pursuing a medical degree. the thing is im from the philippines and our application for immigration to canada will be fixed by 2008. so do you know the requirements for an asian student interested in taking up medicine there in canada? what are the pre-requisites? and where can i learn more info about this? and how do i avail student loans? or should i start taking up medicine here in the philippines while waiting for our visa application to be fixed? lastly, for example if i finish, say, my first year in med scul here, will it be accredited to some canadian schools?

i need your help guys. thanks so much.


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Nov 10, 2005
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I can't help - but I know of people who can, they are found here. Ian Wong (a moderator) , the founder of the site and forums, is particularly knowledgeable it seems about these legal/regulatory issues regarding medicine and schooling.



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Apr 21, 2004
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Requirements for a Canadian Medical School:

Majority of schools will require a four year university degree, some will need at least three years of university education. All schools has some sort of prerequisites e,g one year of organic chemistry, at least two full courses of humanities etc. You have to checkout a specific school's website you are interested in. All schools outside Ontario will require MCAT. Ontario schools such as Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), Ottawa, McMaster do not require MCAT. (Don't assume that it is easier to get into those schools).

Residency Requirement:

Outside Ontario, limited number of seats are allocated for out of province applicants. Remaining seats are reserved for in-province applicants. In Ontario, some scools set aside seats for the students of that particular region. However, University of Toronto is open to all applicants from Canada. No quota at all. But it is fairly difficult to get in. Western Ontario, Queens also take a good number of out of province applicants.

General Info:

In general, Ontario med schools are the most difficult schools to get into. I believe, only one in seven applicants are accepted in Ontario schools. If you are a resident of certain provinces, it is defiintely easier to get into their medical schools. You have to check with every provincial school to find out the definition of a resident.

No Canadian school will give you any credit for your med education outside the country. No school will accept any transfer med. student from other countries.

Financing of med. education is not that difficult. Commercial banks are eager to give you a loan what is called 'line of credit' at a favourable interest rate. During your med. education, you pay only the interest on the loan and very likely, you will receive some sort of bursury as well.

Checkout all the websites of the universities you would be interested in. Also, checkout the website previous poster quoted. That website has lots of useful info.

Hope this helps you a little.
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