Improve PCAT reading comprehension

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May 16, 2012
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Does any of you guys have advice to improve reading comprehension section? my score was horrible and I need to find some quick method to improve it before my July test coming up. I'm going to try to read as many books as I can before then, but other than that, is there any specific type of practice test i should buy to practice it? Thanks. :)

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Reading books will probably not help too much, though reading is never a bad hobby. When you are reading the book it is a story consisting of a thought process and dialog. Reading scientific articles and such would be a better use of time. This is due to the fact that the articles are typically short, raise a question/stance on a subject, and present facts for the reader to take in. This is what the reading comp. part of the PCAT is trying to do. They create a few paragraphs that will rasie questions, present facts, and determine how well you are able to use that information to understand the point of the text.
.Please help I am retaking the PCAT in September and I really need to work on reading comprehension section. Please and please give advice on how to do well on the section. Please include your score on this section.