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Jun 15, 2004
Hi all,

Last April I got 7 bio, 7 chem, 10 verbal, Q writing after taking a Kaplan course (did all assignments/practice tests/etc). This upcoming August I'm hoping to bring up the science sections. Do you think I should study on my own with old science text books and EK books, or should I try out another test prep company like Princeton Review?

I've heard that it's usually easier to bring up science scores compared to verbal. But how do you do it? How can you know what level of content detail to learn from science textbooks that will be applicable to the MCAT?



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Dec 14, 2004
Medical Student
i think for sure not old science textbooks. the prep companies specifically go through all of that information and place only pertinent material in their books. the textbooks go into far too much detail compared to what you need to know for the mcat, and playing guessing games will take a lot of your valuable time. as for taking another course, i say probably not. some people are averse to taking one due to the money, and two is twice that much. even if you have cash to spare, you would go over the same material regardless of course. the only thing of value i think is the diagnostic tests under strict conditions--thats really important to me at least. but you dont need a whole course for that, im sure you can devise some system.