In search of MCAT Tutor

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Nov 25, 2021
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As the title says, I am in search of an MCAT Tutor to help me improve my score.

Background: I took the September MCAT and received a 514: 131/126/129/128. However, my FL practice exams (under timed, masked conditions) averaged to 519. I am looking to fine-tune my MCAT sections scores. I felt confident on the content sections (C/P and B/BC) but need additional help on CARS and P/S.

I plan to apply to MD-PhD programs this cycle.
Current Profile:
-3.99 cGPA, 3.97 sGPA
-40 hrs shadowing
-200 hrs non clinical volunteering
-50 hrs clinical volunteering
-Co-authored a research paper, expecting another first author publication in coming months
-many leadership positions

I plan to retake the MCAT in March. I understand on average, retaking the MCAT only changes the score +/- 2 points; however, based on the difference between my FL average and actual MCAT score, I believe I will be able to improve more, especially with improved CARS strategy.

I would really appreciate any recommendations for MCAT tutors to help me improve my score.

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