that redhead

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Feb 26, 2010
I recently changed my major and my advisor told me that my grade in calculus would be made "inapplicable": not counted in the calculation of my GPA for my university. If I understand correctly, the grade will still show on my transcript.

I'm assuming that vet schools will calculate GPAs on their own and factor the calculus grade into say, the cumulative GPA, regardless if my university does or not. Is this correct to assume?


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Nov 18, 2008
Providence, RI
It may depend on the school, but my horrible first o-chem grade was counted in my cumulative GPA @ Davis. At my undergrad, I retook it, got an A, and the original grade was not used to calculate my GPA, but still showed up on my transcript. I'm not sure if all of the schools used it, but I know that Davis did because they asked me about it in my interview.

My thinking is that if it's on your transcript, they will use it.