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May 3, 2006
Hey all,

Alright, so I got an e-mail from Indiana today re: scheduling an interview. The wording of the e-mail is just confusing me a bit...(I think I'm just a bit skeptical now after I got an interview invite at Case, got all excited, called them up and found out the earliest date available was April 30th...yeah, that's right, APRIL 30th! Sheesh.) Anyway, the phrase "IUSD will consider your application for admission only after you interview" is what is throwing me off; does this mean my application hasn't even been looked at, and they're just interviewing everybody? That can't be it right, since that just sounds like pure craziness. But then again, the e-mail I got from them does go on to say to ensure they have all the application materials...which leads me to believe they themselves don't know if they have all my materials because they haven't looked at my application...? *shrug* So...exactly what do they base their interview invites upon?



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Jul 1, 2008
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I was confused about that too ... just relax and go schedule your interview. It is just up to a specific school.
Good luck with an interview.:)
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