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Oct 2, 2001
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Just wanted to say Hi and that I am here too! :)
I think its cool that there is a way now for us to link up with others going thru the same stuff. You know....trying to decide where to spend the next few years in grad school, trying not to be stressed that its totally out of your hands, finding interesting ways to be supportive and stay silly. :)

Anyways, I am Rebecca and hubby is interviewing to get into DO schools for next year. Its been quite the process. :)

Anyone else want to share? ~passing the sharing stick on~

Rebecca aka Wifty (old english for 'eccentrically silly' which sums me up pretty well. LOL)


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Jun 22, 2000
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Hi Rebecca,

My dh and I just completed 7 years of residency and fellowship and are finally settling down into "real" life. You and your husband are preparing to embark on an incredible journey...enjoy it! I think the most exciting times in our life were before residency and fellowship when we didn't know where we would end up...it is so much fun to plan for the future. I went with him on most of his interviews and we really had a blast.

Good luck to you both!!

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