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Discussion in 'Dental' started by osamah, Jun 5, 2001.

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    Dear fellows,
    Thanks for replying my last post.I appreciate that you read my posted message & took a pain to reply.
    Here are some interestig Questions, if any body like to try to reply,

    1. Which Dental School is the largest in world in terms of Departments, Pupils, Faulty etc.

    2.How many total dental schools are in USA?

    3.What is the passing rate of NBD exams last year ?

    4.What "X.C.P." stands for in modern Dentistry?

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    There are now 56 accredited dental schools in the US; Northwestern just closed after the last class graduated this May. There are about 4250 places available for which about 45,000 applicants compete.

    From 1988-1989 to 1998-1999, the number of applicants doubled (although the number of applications tripled) at the same time that the number enrolled remined fairly level at 4100-4200.

    In 1998-1999, my latest available figures show that the number of US dental schools allowing admission to international dental graduates, by class year, are:

    First Year, 17; Second Year, 19; third year, 16; fourth year, 1.

    To obtain US licensure, dentists MUST BE graduates of US dental schools accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Because the Commission does not accredit dental schools outside the US, graduates of international dental schools must obtain supplementary education from a US dental school. Educational requirements differ across US jurisdictions, namely, the states.

    There are 10 accredited dental schools in Canada. All except one are public, giving preference or accepting only residents of the province they are located in. The one private dental school takes mostly province applicants; the language of instruction is French.

    People are free to criticize or defend US policies on licensure of foreign dental graduates, but since that will change nothing
    in the short term, the intellectual and physical energy dissipated might be better used in dealing with what is and moving on.
    On the pleasure principle, if debate provides intellectual and physical stimulation, have at each other.

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