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Mar 18, 2005
Hey ya'll,
I'm an intern and I've just about decided that I'm going to go techno and buy a PDA. I'd like something with Wi-Fi, as our hospital has that. I've thought about the Dell Axim and Palm Tx. Any recommendations? Thanks!


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Jan 11, 2002
I just bought a Palm T/X and have been quite happy with it so far. It's got a good screen size and really is quick to load and has just a snappy feel to the operating system. I think that they have corrected the issue with the "power" button that everyone used to complain of on the T/X, as well.

Dell does have pdas with some impressive components but adding more impressive components does tend to make them more bulky (as compared to the T/X)...only so it can run a more complicated operating system.

Pros of Axim:
- Raw power--great for running media
- Battery that can be replaced by user
Cons of Axim:
- Aforementioned power causes reduced battery life
- Load times can be longer due to underlying inherent complexity of
windows os
- Bulkier unit
Pros of T/X
- Thinner with great screen/overall size ratio
- Snappy, streamlined operating system
- Great battery life
Cons of T/X
- Battery cannot be replaced by user
- Not as well equipped to run video as is axim
- Palm operating system obviously isn't Windows--so takes some time to
get used to
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