Intern hall of shame

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On my first night that I showed up in the PETU (the ER for pregnant women) I had an intern tell me that if i wanted to do anything, I had to do it faster and better than she did it because she "runs a tight ship" and doesn't want med students slowing her down ... needless to say i was incapable of doing anything "right" or "fast enough" all week, and to make it worse it was a week of 15 hr night float on OB

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My alltime greatest intern BS moment: (its long so bear with me)

We were scheduled for Q4 call and my call night landed on a sunday, monday being a holiday the policy is, students get to go home at 10pm the night before. I said, f*ck not doing anything on monday, I'll stay the night (im not going into peds, I wasn't kissing a$$, I just really don't care). So I stay over night and leave the next day at noon of course then I sleeping the rest of the day away. Now this was the last week of the rotation and the shelf was on friday so I just lost one day of studying. My next scheduled call day would have been thursday but we don't take call the day before the shelf so that should have been my last call day leaving me all week to study. This F*cking bitch changes her call schedule so she can go to a bachlorette party on thursday so she's now scheduled to take call on wednesday. She tells me "well, we're scheduled together so now you have to take call with me on wednesday too" and she takes the liberty of changing my schedule with another student so Im on call on wednesday with her...why? because when we were on call together I did all her f*cking work for her...and this is how she thanks me! The best part is she tells me this ON WEDNESDAY at about 3pm. After my head almost exploded I calmed down and told her "I'm not taking call today, I'll admit patients with you till 5pm and If a patient comes in at 4:59 I'll work them up then Im leaving right after" To which she replies "well, if you think skipping out on your clinical duties is okay then I guess thats your problem". I left at 5pm on the dot. My evaluation from her was a recommended "low-pass" for skipping scheduled call days. Amazing.

Thats farked!

btw - I love your sig "A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day."
One night while on call during my surgery rotation, I had just finished all of my consults and headed up to the call room for some sleep around 2:30am. I let my intern know that I had finished all of my work and told him to page me if anything interesting was going on (i.e. gunhosts, perfed ulcers, etc). I had just fallen asleep when my pager went off at 3am. It was my intern, letting me know that there was another consult to be seen in the ICU. So, muttering and angry about not getting sleep again while on call, I headed down to the ICU to see the patient and write my note. I arrived just after the other intern who was on call for the trauma service who also happened to get paged by my intern. He let me know that the patient was 93 and actually died about an hour ago. He then let me know that the consult was for a decubitus ulcer. I was pissed! Apparently my intern had not thought to even check what the consult was for (or even that the patient was alive) before waking me up at 3am.
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My intern on Neuro was a total dingbat. She never listened to anything when we were presenting patients. To make a long story short, I had told her that my patient had a bilateral below the knee amputations and had not walked for three years. Therefore, I did not test gait or a Babinski. The first question she asked was "What was the gait like?" I told her again that I didn't test it because the patient was not ambulatory.

Intern: "Why is she not ambulatory?" I told her that she has bilateral BKA's.

Intern:"You always have to test the gait on neuro."

I said, "Umm...she hasn't walked in three years."

Intern: "Why doesn't she walk?"

Me: "She has no feet! She has had severe complications of diabetic neuropathy (and other complications which I won't list here)"

Intern: "Did you do a Babinski?"

Me: "No. She doesn't have feet!"

Intern: "You have to do a Babinski."

Me: "Umm.....she has no feet."

Intern: "Apparently, you didn't do a very good exam. I will just go in there and do it myself. We will get her up and make her walk."

I follow her into the room and she pulls off her covers and the first thing she says to the patient is, "Why don't you have any feet?" :rolleyes: "Can you walk?"

Patient: "I haven't walked in three years."

Intern: "Have you tried?" :eek:

She still told the Chief that I had done an incomplete exam on the patient and commented that she was going to write that up in my evaluation. I thought the Chief was going to choke when she went in to verify my exam findings! Later, the Chief told me that no one trusts this particular intern. The Neuro residents find themselves checking after her frequently!!!!:laugh:

Good thread..... I can deal with a nitcompup. But it bothers me if they are on my right side, my left side or in front..
I had a Surgery PGY4 I was working with ask me for some data from a study I was working on. I give him the data and piece of the manuscript I'm working on he asks for and he goes and submits it to a conference 1) without telling me 2) without including me on the abstract 3) wins an award for it! Now I can't publish that part of my research because he already did, for me!

That blows:thumbdown:
The abuse never stops.

Day#1 (Saturday)
Attending: admit these two patients for me and do XYZ.
Fellow: Ok, and I will call you to let you know what's going on.

Day#2 (Sunday)
Fellow: This is what's going on with the patients. Do you want to see the patients?
Attending: No, do XYZ, I'll meet you tomorrow morning at 6:45AM before morning conference to round on the patients together.

Day#3 (Monday)
Attending on the phone (6:55AM): I cannot make it becaue I am late, just round on the patients yourself.
Fellow: Ok, this is what's going on. Do you want to see the patients later today?
Attending: Ok.
Fellowing (4:00PM): Where is the attending?
Secretary: He had a dental appointment and has left.

Day#4 (Tuesday)
Fellow (11:00AM): I am done with morning patients with Dr. A (assigned to another attending's morning clinic), I am going to see the inpatients, do you want to go together?
Attending: You have not rounded on the patients? I am shocked at how irresponsible you are. How come you have not checked on the patients today!

The hypocrisy AMAZES me- you haven't seen your own patients in FOUR days!!