Internal Medicine residency applicant: okay to only have one IM rotation prior to ERAS?

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Mar 13, 2020
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Scheduling M4 now. Our schools IM advisors have told us that "you want to have at least 2 IM related rotations on your transcript" prior to submitting ERAS. I was only able to schedule my IM Sub I prior to ERAS, and am only able to schedule another IM rotation during my step 2 dedicated, which is obviously less than ideal.

Are my advisors correct here? Is it common knowledge that you should have at least 2 IM experiences on your application prior to submitting your application? Is it a red flag to have only a Mini I and unrelated rotations (EM, etc)?

Thank you!

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The rotations themselves might not be as important as having 2+ letters in IM which would be difficult to get without doing those rotations.
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Assuming that a Mini I is the same as a subinternship, that's all you need. You'll have your 3rd year clerkship, and a 4th year SubI. Even without a SubI you can apply to IM, although it's better to have it.
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