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Mar 14, 2003
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I'm going to have a lag year and I'm really interested in international public health/policy. What kind of things could I realistically do in a year? What kind of experience would teach me the most? Working for an NGO? A one-year MPH? A degree in political science or foreign affairs? Going abroad?

Also, if I were to spend the lag year studying in Europe, how often would I have to fly back for interviews? Can you consolidate them into one week? Or are they sporadic throughout the year?

Thanks a lot.

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it will be virtually impossible to consolidate your interviews into one week as they come in so spread out and many schools are only minimally cooperative in scheduling.

eg my first interview was early November (I took the August MCAT), the next 2 were in December, then 3 more in early January, then one was offered for March (although it was still January) then I got two more for february.
All my interviews but one (12 out of 13) were between 27 Sept and 30 Oct. This is the most condensed schedule I've heard of. Most of my invitations either were for specific days (sometimes a choice of up to 8, sometimes only 1) or required that I schedule an interview in the next month. I think it is unlikely that you will be able to collect interview invitations and schedule a bunch for, say, January. It's possible, though, as they might be more lenient in scheduling someone who is overseas.