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Dec 11, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical

I am still somewhat ignorant to the internship/residency requirements/advantages though.

I would like to work in a family practice setting, therefore my choice for internship/residency would be family practice or a traditional rotating internship i imagine.

What are the requirements for licensure/practice? Are you allowed to only complete the internship and then move on to licensed practice or are you required to complete the full three year residency? Would you have to finish a family practice residency and be a board certified fp? If you are able to complete only the internship, do some/many insurance companies have stipulations to be in network that you complete three year post grad residency?

Thanks for the info!


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Apr 4, 2007
If you want to be a family practice doctor, you'd do a family practice residency. To be independently licensed, you must complete a minimum of one year and pass Step III of the boards. To become board certified, you must finish the three year residency and pass a board certification test. If you complete one year of residency, or an internship, you could get a job in a practice, but many hospitals won't give you privileges if you aren't board eligible/certified. I don't know if insurance companies have requirements for residency completion.
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