Oct 20, 2012
Has anyone here done any internships for public health or summer research before applying to schools? My undergrad doesn't have a school of public health so I can't do any research associated with that during the school year and I've been looking around for about a month but can't find any summer research opportunities in public health that aren't super competitive. I'm having the same problem with internships that aren't part of the federal government (Im guessing they're very competitive). My county health department only seems to have internships dealing with mental health.

I'm very interested in food safety but all areas of public health would be good too if you want to tell me about your experiences or if you have any places to suggest!

I'm definitely still applying to the competitive places but just want to have a more realistic chance of being able to do something.


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Mar 13, 2009
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City, County, and State health departments will be your best bet for food safety related opportunities.


Jan 2, 2014
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It depends on what you're interested in. You could check out research opportunities in biology or environmental science departments that may sort of crossover into the realm of health or medicine. There's also HCC (Health Career Connection). You might check out companies that do independent food safety assessments and see if there are internship opportunities there. In California (jobs.ca.gov) there are opportunities like scientific aid, food aid, agriculture aid, etc. in different state departments that are part-time and low-paying often for college students.