Interview experiences

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Nov 13, 2006
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I hope nobody minds me starting this thread. Let's use it to share interview questions, experiences, things we wish we would have done or said, a different suit color maybe.

What are the questions you have been getting at your interviews?
What is your response to why you want to be a dermatologist, besides it being the passion of your life?
What is your response to what would you do if you did not match into Dermatology?
What is your response to how do you see yourself in ten years?


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Nov 21, 2008
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I was at an interview recently (sorry don't want to gove program info), and was asked all those "hard questions" that I dreaded..like:

What would you like me to tell the admissions committee about you?
If you could change 3 things about yourself, what would they be?
What would you bring to this program?

The rest were typical, what kind of career do you want to have ( in 10 yrs), even got what will your life be like after 60.

It was almost 3 hrs of interviews in a row with little to no breaks...what a marathon!