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Discussion in 'Physician Scientists' started by whodenie, Oct 26, 2002.

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    For all of you who have recently gone on interviews comments on your experiences would be great. (If there is not too much of an atmosphere of competition) I am sure that many people, myself included, would be interested to hear what you have to. Good or bad faculty interviews, travel woos, or just misc. comments.
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    hey - i've had a blast at my interviews. been to 8 so far, and uniformly the people i've been with have been really fun, and socially adapted ;-). all of them have been really relaxed and conversational, you do get some good questions but as long as you have familiarity with your work and some related topics you'll be fine. only once have i had an antagonistic interview, but there is nothing to do but keep your cool, do what you can, and take it in stride. the famous panel interview at washU isn't bad at all - i had a lot of fun doing it, a good experience. you are treated really nicely at all of these interviews, much better than your md colleagues (it looks like they get herded around a bit) ;-) gluck
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    While what jot has said is correct for the most part, I'm afraid that I am much more critical of each school I visit. At each school I find certain interviewers who are a pain, certain things I don't like about the school, etc...

    Feel free to PM me if you want my take on any place I have been (see my invites list).
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    I was just at Wash U this past weekend, and have been around the midwest schools too. I can say that Jot is really on point with his statement; all of the interviews I had there were really relaxed and consisted of profs telling me more about their research than my own. In fact, most of the interviewers were PhDs, not MDs, so there were no real challenging questions about healthcare and such.

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