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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Shania, Jan 5, 2001.

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    Im still waiting for the majority of my interviews and I wanted to know if most of the schools do their interviews in Jan-April as opposed to earlier. Is it true that the depending factor on whether you get early interveiws is more based on your stats than timing of application? How have those who have interviewed in earlier years have thought on this. Thanks
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  3. puffy1

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    Dec 5, 2000
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    Most schools interview between October to April or May. Early acceptance interviewees usually interview in September. And it is true that your stats and when you get your application completed and sent in that determines when you get an interview.

  4. mschlesi

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    Aug 27, 2000
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    I think that when you interview seems to be random. I had two interview invitations in August and then nothing until December and still waiting on 9 other schools.
    There seems to be some inconsistencey in the timing and my stats and dates of submission did not vary from school to school.
    I think different schools are just looking for different things in their applicants.
  5. jimi

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    Dec 6, 2000
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    Here's my theory: TIMING IS ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Here's why I feel this way: I've been very fortunate to get interviews at pretty much all the places I applied to, including Harvard, Yale, etc. (This doesn't mean I'll get in but it's still very lucky.)

    Now, I turned in all my secondaries by mid to late August. That is all except two: Tufts and Pittsburgh. By the time I got around to these I'd already been invited to several interviews so I slowed down. I turned in those secondaries mid September.

    Despite my relatively strong application, I still have not heard from these two schools. My file was complete months ago and it is now January! I've interviewed and been accepted at schools that are ranked higher than Tufts and Pitt but they still have not invited me for an interview.

    So this just goes to show that no matter how strong your stats and application may be, waiting even two or three weeks longer to turn in the secondaries can DRASTICALLY affect your chances of getting an interview (early at least).

    So there's yet another one of my theories:
    Timing is nearly everything.

    Feel free to disagree! [​IMG]

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