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  1. Hi,
    I received an interview invite from the University of Michigan School of public health. Can someone tell me how the interviews are? What questions they might ask? I will be reading up on the area I want to concentrate in, however, I would like to know, nonetheless.

    If there is anyone doing the mph program at UMich or has gone to interviews for any public health schools, can someone give me some insight? I really appreciate the help. Thanks so much!!!! :) :)
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    Sorry, I wish I could answer you, I had one when I applied ot PH school but I declied it. When I said I couldn't make it to Michigan they said they would try some type of arrangement to get a local interview but that they really really really wanted me to visit them in michigan to get a "feel" for the school..., so I think that means they consider it (the interview) to be really important! good luck.
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    What program did you apply for? I was under the impression that they only interviewed in the department of Health Policy and Management at Michigan. Give me a call later tonight if you get a chance. :)

  4. Thanks exmike for your reply :)

    H&T!! I applied to Epidemiology with the interdepartmental concentration in Global Health. i wanted to study Epi and global health, both. I had no idea mph schools even conducted interviews so imagine my surprise when I got the email!

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