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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by reed0104, Nov 26, 1999.

  1. reed0104

    reed0104 Senior Member
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    Jan 14, 1999
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    What are some of the "standard" interview questions? I have interviews at KCOM and Des Moines next month.


  2. Jintexas

    Jintexas Junior Member

    Oct 4, 1999
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    Some of the standard questions that I have encountered have include, "When and what event made you realize that you wanted to be a doctor." Do you have any family memebers that are doctors? What would you do if you were asked by the mayor to use up all of the remaining resources availalble for the indigent population to treat a the child of a dear friend of his? This child would die if she does not recieve this care? I interviewed at TCOM and I just started to tell them about my interest in osteopathic medicine without being prompted, but I am sure they would have asked. What book would I recommend the interviewer to read? Have I seen any good movies lately? Would I consider working in an underserved area, to include both rural and urban areas? What do I think is one of the biggest, most pressing issues in medicine today? Where and how do I see myself 10 years from now? What type of medicine do I see myself practicing?

    These were the types of questions of questions that I encountered on the wonderous journey! I interveiwed at UT San Antonio, TCOM, and USUHS. I had interviews scheduled with KCOM, UHS-COM, UTMB, New Jersey-COM, but I cancelled them when I got accepted to TCOM, my first choice. I bet you will do great. Just remember to be calm, and answer truthfully. If they didn't think they wanted you, they would not have invited you for an interview.

    Good luck!!

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