Introductions - 27 y/o living abroad

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Feb 1, 2015
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Hi all,

I thought an introduction might be in order. I'm preparing to make a big life change, during and after which StudentDoctor will play some role. So, hello.

About Me:
I signed up for StudentDoctor before moving out of the US two years ago. At the time I was working for a Healthcare IT company consulting with doctors and hospital administration on meeting Meaningful Use. I relocated abroad with my girlfriend during her PhD program. We were planning on returning to my state upon her graduation - me for medical school, her to work. Her PhD is complete in six months, so I'm returning to complete my medical school applications!

About My Entrance to Medical School:
I hope to apply during the 2017 cycle. I've spoken with a pre-med counselor at my graduating university. She advised against a post-bacc as I've completed all pre-reqs apart from Biochemistry with a ~3.9 sGPA. I have two possible strong recommendations from my previous employer. Biochemistry and other science courses will be taken at my state school during the Spring semester. I will work on other recommendations and the MCAT during this time.

Why Medical School:
I've never felt the depth of emotion I felt while shadowing. The shared frustrations and successes, the weighty feel of responsibility knowing I have touched a life during the time of transition. I've only recently been able to identify WHY in terms I found adequate. One of my goals afterwards would be to utilize my IT and economics background to rework how IT is used in healthcare (at this point, I find it dehumanizes during a time when feeling like a person rather than a patient should be the goal)

So hello all!

Edit 12/22 - I lost my state residency, and am currently stateless. Beware of state residency laws, anyone who might be reading this.
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Nov 25, 2015
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It sounds like your pre-med advisor gave you good advice...there is not point of jeopardizing a 3.9 sGPA. At the moment, it seems like you should be devoting all of your energies to studying for the MCAT. Presumably, with a good score, you'll have quite a few doors open to you.

Best of luck.