Iowa Podiatry Bill

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Oct 17, 2011
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There's a fairly important bill/event happening in Iowa right now concerning the Board of Podiatry potentially being subsumed into the Board of Medicine but without representation. I'm purposely being vague - you can read about it for yourself online.

I'm not totally sure how comparable the events were, but Texas used to have a separate Texas State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. It was ultimately subsumed into the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and now we are regulated by the same organization that regulates barbers. The impression I've received from state events is that it was an entirely negative event.

For all of our joking about our leadership - you probably don't want your state podiatry organizations changed by other professions.

If you can do something, now's the time to act.


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This happened in NMex (voted a few years ago, enacted 2023)... we haven't died yet.

I think it seems a lot more organized under board of Medicine than it was when we were with personal trainer, chiropractor, architect, massage, cosmo, etc boards. With the medical board, there is much better notice of expiration, process and response from them, background check, policies regarding self Rx or cannibus or etc. Mainly, having the medical practice act spelled out (non-competes, standards, disciplines) is definitely a good thing. That would be state by state I guess... depending on how good or bad the pod board had ran and how good the podiatry act was.

What do you feel are the big pitfalls are here?
I totally get the part about not having reps (DPMs running the board)... but in NM, there is nothing to say a DPM couldn't be on the Medical Board (governor appointees, not elected... but just required to be 6 physicians, one PA, and two public members). Many MD/DO specialties, etc don't have representation on the board, but I'd rather be with them than acupuncture or tattoo artist boards or something.

Most of the biggest problems with podiatry boards that I've seen or heard of are when DPMs run the board and try to limit their competition or rig exams or make licensing difficult/infrequent or alter podiatry practice act whatever. It's just like how opening new podiatry schools and regulations of residencies is so corrupt as the ppl who profit from it approve it. :)
(fwiw, the NM podiatry board was all ethical people at the time it got absorbed into Medical Board, more referring to past ecents and other states' pod board events)
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