Technology iPad for Medical Records

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Jul 10, 2011
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You could set up an Evernote account to do this if not concerned about HIPAA. You would NEED some sort of Internet connection though.

If you're looking to share between iPads you're going to have to rely on something better than Bluetooth bumping IMHO.

There are a couple free EMR apps but again you're prolly gonna need Internet to share data.

Will be interested to see others' suggestions.
Apologies for hijacking the thread in a way but I wanted to add something due to some experiences I had this past year that are related.

For any residents thinking about implementing related tech in their residency or clinics, just wanted to add something. To the OP, you're probably just fine as this is a foreign aid/ international endeavor.

For everyone else...

One word... HIPAA.

From a technical stand point, yes this would be extremely easy to facilitate and helpful. Your primary dilemma is going to be in getting this approved through public affairs, legal, DIS, etc.. It's a hospital policy/political nightmare. I've tried to implement quasi related projects in our department and ran up against a monolith and mountain of entrenched politics and policy that I was unable to budge after a year of work and multiple meetings.

You might be tempted to bypass the hospital administrative avenue to get everything you are trying to accomplish in place, but I've seen people get fired for stuff like this. Hospitals, in general, take patient privacy laws VERY seriously and at the end of the day, you are not employed by your department, no matter how many staff or fellow residents are excited and on board about your project. You are an employee of the hospital. HR, PA, etc.. will NOT see it through the eyes of you or your department. They can and will fire you for violation of patient privacy. I've seen it happen. Play it safe while in residency or if you're going to do something like this... do it the safe way which will probably mean a drastically extended and lengthy process of getting everything approved. It's not worth getting fired over.

My 2 cents.
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