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Oct 13, 2008
According to NRMP Match data, 531 US IMGs matched in 2014 while 702 US IMGs did not. When you look at internal medicine ~841 matched;~753 unmatched.

In summary, 42% of US IMG applicants who apply to fam med match and yet 54% of applicants in internal medicine math.

Does this mean family medicine is more competitive than IM.


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Sep 21, 2015
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No, it does not. Rather, it probably reflects differences in the competitiveness of the applicants. Although it's not a perfectly isolated group of US IMGs, the group "independent applicants" probably is reflective as a whole of US IMGs. Step 1 score is probably the easiest way to compare the competitiveness of residencies. When you superipose the curves from COITM2014, you can see that for essentially the entire range of STEP 1 scores: you have a lower probability of matching to IM than FM for both US Sr. and independent applicants (about 1/2 of which are US IMG for FM and a slightly lower portion for IM). See attached. I can't think of a reason why FM would be more competitive for US IMGs but not every other group.