Is it acceptable to send schools an email about application updates/letter of interest, when you haven't received an interview yet?


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Nov 17, 2018
I'm patiently waiting to receive more interview invites, but the last two schools I applied to haven't sent me an interview invite. One of these schools would be my top choice, so I am bummed to not hear back yet. I know it is early in the application cycle and I can hear back at any time, but I was curious if it would look favorable to send a letter of interest to the schools I'm interested in? Or, would this come off as pushy and annoying?

Though I haven't done a lot since submitting my application, I believe I am set to publish a paper in Spring 2021. I will be the first or second author of this paper. I think this sets me apart, so I would love to update the admissions committees about this addition.

So, should I send an application update/letter of interest to schools? If yes, when is the best time to do so? Now? Next month? Before post-December interviews are sent out?


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May 17, 2012
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I would try to be able to list more than "I believe I am set to publish a paper" - maybe additional shadowing hours, volunteering, a class you've taken etc. A lot of people publish papers. The more you can list the more it will come across as an actual "update" and not pushy. I sent mine post Dec acceptance date (bc I hadn't gotten interviewed or accepted) and they wrote back and gave me an interview. Maybe consider waiting esp so you can add more to your update.
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