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Is it doable?


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Aug 2, 2005
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Hey guys!
I need some advise.
Nontrad here with lots and (I mean lots), close to 20 yrs, clinical experience. Been out of school for a while, but studied for step1 as an FMG (from many years ago). Is it possible to pull 26-29 studying for 2 months until April 12th MCAT? I need the MCAT score not only for applying to med schools, but that too. I don't want to get in a great detail of Why rash it, and such. I understand that it's gonna be tough. I'm planning on working minimally, and studying for 7-10 hrs a day. More I believe would be counterproductive for me. But I really need to hear from some of you who did that in the past.

Thanks very much :)


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Sep 6, 2003
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Seven to ten hours a day for two to three months is actually pretty intense, at least I think it is. That's more than enough time to do well on the MCAT - I probably put in the same number of hours and got a 36Q on the August sitting. It all depends on you though. I know someone who got a 34 on the MCAT, and he only studied for three weeks. He read through the EK Complete Study Package and did half of a Kaplan practice test. I don't think we can all be that naturally smart (or lucky) though.
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Jan 31, 2007
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2 months studying 7 hrs a day is a lot more hours than most who score 30+ put in. i'm studying right now cause i've yet to take it but i've talked to a lot who have done what you're talking about (including a nurse i worked with... scored 28 w/ <1mo. and she's older so i know she's been out of school for a while)


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Nov 27, 2005
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Assuming you have learned all of the basic science material and this will be review specifically for the MCAT, then you definately have time. But start right away and try to get ahead of the game, so you can take a few practice tests early and gauge your progress. If you have a strong foundation you should be fine. Good luck.
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