is it easier to gain acceptance this year due to covid?

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Mar 28, 2020
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hey guys i have a low gpa 2.7 with a 4 year bsc completed at a top canadian university. i was planning on writing the mcat and have been studying for months in hopes of getting acceptance in one of the better carribean schools. however i recently learned some of these schools are waiving the mcat pre req for accpetance for there in person/online semester.
so does this technically mean it is easier to gain acceptance now because they arent mandating mcat? or is it the opposite since more people are applying since some dont want to write the mcat etc etc?

in my situation for a student who was hoping to write mcat with high score and getting acceptance in either auc, aua, ross, saba etc, would you try applying for the online term since mcat is not mandated? or is it probably a waste of $ for a student with a low gpa like me?


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I think your understandings of Caribbean schools are massively skewed if your primary concern is whether or not you can get into them. I would spend some serious time truly understanding what Caribbean schools are before you decide to make that jump and you should also not go into it without attempting to remedy your shortcomings in undergrad and applying to a US school.

If that GPA is cumulative and not science (assuming science is even lower) than without an MCAT you will likely be asked to do Charter/MERP at the big 3.

If your goal is to do residency in Canada afterwards then don't go Carib. There's an ~18% match rate for Canadians attempting to match via CaRMS.
I'm a current Ross student so it's not like I'm a US student trying to scare you off without reasoning but I'm telling you reality.

TLDR: 2-3 cycles or improvement should be done before thinking about Caribbean schools if your goal is US residency. If the goal is Canadian than just don't do it.

Furthermore if you disregard what I've said, at the very least SGU/Ross/AUC should be the only schools you should be looking at full stop.
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