Is it too late to apply for Fall 2002?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by stdent9972, Oct 16, 2001.

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    Hello everyone. I know that this is an Allopathic forum, but the dental forum receives far less traffic. I am still recuperating from my prereq courses that I finished last spring and am interested in starting next fall. I haven't taken the DAT yet. I will probably get my application in in early November and take the DAT in early December. Is it too late for this academic year. I have a 3.8 science gpa and about a 3.35 overall, due to a 2.98 undergrad gpa that dates back to 1990-1994. I suspect that I will only do average on the DAT, about 18 or so. My in-state school should be a pretty good shot, but I am also applying to some private schools and some other out of state public schools. I know that it is very late, but is it too late? Any advice would be appreciated!!
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    I'm assuming that very few people on the Allopathic forum will be able to advise you on dental school, so I'm moving this to the "Everyone" forum for you.

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