Is it too late to apply for SMPs/post-baccs?

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Jul 7, 2013
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Does anyone know? Thanks!

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For this coming academic year? As in, class has either started or will start in the next week or so? Yes, absolutely. Maybe if you look hard enough you can find some odd program that doesn't start until closer to winter or something.
Thanks zed. I can't seem to get my timelines straight. Some of them mention rolling admissions and that adds to the confusion. When is a good time to sign up for these programs?
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Generally ~winter-spring is when they open up. But really you have a ton of time to research the individual programs you want to get into, and when you should apply.
There are some that while you cannot be in the program for this semester, they will allow you to take the class as a visiting student or some such.
Mine is summer and fall only admissions, but several people in my class are not in official program right now, but invited to participate in what the program people are doing for the time being.