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Jun 15, 2008
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So I've heard of a new medical school coming onto the AMCAS, and as I look at the schools who've deadlines haven't passed I wonder...is it worth it to now send them a primary?

For example, I decide to give a school in FL or elsewhere a try...is it worth the time and money to put in a primary this late in the year?


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Jun 11, 2008
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This depends on several factors:

1) Your financial situation. If you have the money to submit and it won't break the bank, go for it.

2) Your statistics. If you have a great MCAT, GPA, EC's, LoR, etc. then you may get some late attention.

If you have 1) but not 2) then I would suggest you boost your stats and apply for 2010. It is incredibly late to be applying unless you are highly competitive. But as I said, if you have the money, then you certainly can try.

Also, you would not be extremely late if the school you are applying to is the new medical school in PA. They joined AMCAS a little less than a month ago. Worth a shot. I was focusing more on schools that have deadlines on or about December 1.
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