is it too late to start volunteering for this cycle?

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Feb 27, 2024
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Hi, I will be applying this June 2024.

I have low non-clinical volunteering hours (150 hrs), so I started 2 new activities that I am passionate about.

I will be doing it nonetheless if it helps or not with medical school apps but curious if it does make a difference if i start volunteering March.
It is only couple hours per week so i will only be accumulating ~40-50 hrs by june but I also don't want it to look like im trying to check off boxes.
I do realize i did start cramming in at last minute but that is what happened due to my circumstances.

Is it worth mentioning in my apps and listing projected hours?

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What matters is the number of hours you have when you submit your application, preferably no later than June for a shot at an early interview. Projected hours are never factored.

I usually don't pay attention to activities with fewer than 50 hours except shadowing.
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Is there a need in your community? Are you willing and able to help ameliorate that need?

That is all. Write is up as you had the free time and saw a need in your community and want to do what you can to help. Just don't quit the day after your first offer.

Yes, share completed hours and projected hours. The projected hours don't mean much except the expectation on your part that you will continue this after the application is submitted.
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