Is my goal attainable??

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May 30, 2017
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Hello Everyone!
I take step in 12 days (01/28) and would really appreciate some feedback/predictions. My dream would be a 250+, but would definitely be happy with 245! I will keep updating the more I take.

UWSA 1 (5 weeks before test): 245
Form 21 (3 weeks before): 234
Form 23 (2.5 weeks before): 225 (got wreckeddd)
Form 24 (today, 12 days before): 242!
My plan is to finish my 3rd round of FA, 2nd round of Pathoma, and about 1.4 rounds of Uworld before taking the test (made a schedule to ensure this), as well as take Form 18, UWSA 2, and the free 120.
How does this sound? should I focus more on one resource than another during this time? Should I take more Nbmes (20/22)? Is my goal attainable based on these nbmes, since I hear the NBME's usually under predict?

Thank you in advance!

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