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  1. S

    PAT Practice Tests on DATBooster

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can give me insight on the similarity of the PAT section with DATBooster's practice tests? Did you feel as though Booster's tests were exceptionally harder or pretty similar to the real exam? I'm just slightly concerned because I have my exam scheduled for...
  2. procrastin8r

    Have I been punked!? ExamEdge practice EPPP tests...

    I'm starting to study for the EPPP, and have just purchased a bundle of Exam Edge practice EPPP tests for a steal. I thought the price was too good to be true, but what the hell? I'm afraid I was right, because I just passed my very first practice EPPP test (74/100 or a score of 534). This is...
  3. MedicalDoge

    Is my goal attainable??

    Hello Everyone! I take step in 12 days (01/28) and would really appreciate some feedback/predictions. My dream would be a 250+, but would definitely be happy with 245! I will keep updating the more I take. UWSA 1 (5 weeks before test): 245 Form 21 (3 weeks before): 234 Form 23 (2.5 weeks...
  4. michelle7072

    Do Kaplan and TPR free FLs let you reivew errors?

    Taking the test on Sept 19 and have started doing some FLs. I have a couple free FLs from TPR and took one yesterday but couldn't figure out how to go back and review each question I did wrong, which is the whole point of taking FLs. Does anyone know if TPR free FLs even allow you to do this? I...
  5. A

    ATLS Practice Tests

    I want to announce my website with full-length ATLS tests: mcatest wixsite com/atls You can download the questions free, and pay $4.99 for the answers and full explanations. Thank you.
  6. C

    Kaplan Full Length Practice Tests vs. Real DAT

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how accurate the Kaplan Full length tests were compared to the real DAT? I use those to practice and I'm doing pretty well, however, the math sections are always my lowest scores. Do the difficulty of the questions in each section resemble the actual tests difficulty?
  7. amg_la

    Final 30 days before 5/18 MCAT Test

    Hi, i was hoping some of you can share your study schedule for the last 4 weeks before your test. When is too early to take the AAMC practice tests and when should i start test banks. Im planning on taking at least one practice test per week until the test date, which will bump up to 2 or 3 per...
  8. A

    Non-increasing Kaplan practice test score...

    Hey all... So I have been studying for my MCAT since February (early March) and I have been taking one practice test for the last 5 weeks and I have been unable to get my score above 488.... I'm ranging between 484-488 on ALL of my Kaplan practice tests and I'm feeling SUPER down and depressed...
  9. ElysiumHaven

    Difference Between Exam 1 and Exam 2 of the Official MCAT Practice Exams

    Hi, My question is related to this: https://students-residents.aamc.org/applying-medical-school/article/online-practice-mcat-exam/ . Specifically, concerning what is the difference between NEW! Official MCAT Practice Exam 2 (Online) and Official MCAT® Practice Exam 1 (Online)?
  10. IndianaPremed

    For Sale McGraw-Hill Education MCAT 2015 Cross Platform Edition $20 each + shipping

    McGraw-Hill Education MCAT 2015 Cross Platform Edition $20 each (includes shipping) 1. Behavioral and Social Sciences & Critical Analysis (ISBN-13: 978-0071825610) 2. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems (ISBN-13: 978-0071822039) 3. Chemical and Physical...
  11. G

    Best DAT practice test materials?

    Hopefully a quick question: I have the 'Gold Standard Materials' for all sections plus TopScore. I'll be writing the Canadian DAT in November. Gold Standard provided around 10 individual practice test for every section (10 for all 6 PAT sections) and I've found the review materials mostly...
  12. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  13. H

    oat practice tests and books study materials for sale

    SELLING OAT BOOKS! Great resources that helped me score 97th percentile :) ALL IN LIKE-NEW condition! any markings (very very few) are in light pencil that can easily be erased Kaplan 2016 big blue book-includes all info of all sections along with practice questions OAT DESTROYER book: must...
  14. L

    Exam Krackers or Next Step for MCAT Practice Exams?

    Which practice tests are closer to the real MCAT - Next Step or EK? Also, I need to work on my Chem/Physics sections, so which one of these two tests are more challenging for that section? Thank you in advance!
  15. C

    Which are the best MCAT practice test bundles and where can I buy them?

    Hello! I need to buy like 10 MCAT full length practice tests but there are so many options and I don't know which are the best. I can't afford to take a Kaplan or Princeton Review course so I just need to buy them from some other source. I would like them to have explanations if possible. Could...
  16. Averitablechowhound

    MCAT TBR MCAT Practice Test 1 2016

    Question that I found on TBR's first practice test in the Pscyh section: re 46. By the start of the great recession in 2008, annual health-related costs in the United States were approximately: A. $3.8 trillion. B. $2.1 trillion.B is the best answer. $2.1 trillion, or about 15% of the gross...
  17. ayothen

    More time on practice tests or practice questions?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for extra practice tests and I'm stumped on which to try. I already have TPR box set and only one test left. I'm also going to buy the AAMC test. My plan was to take a test every week (not sure if I'm going to do this now haha) until my test day which is May 6th. I'm...
  18. B

    WANTED: EPPP Practice Tests/Retired Questions etc

    Please message me if you have any EPPP practice tests or retired questions. Thanks in advance :)
  19. J

    Practice Test 1 coming in November

    Not sure if this has been posted, but it looks like the AAMC finally announced when Practice Test 1 is coming out: https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/mcat/prepare/ A 300-question Question Bank is apparently being released as well.