Is PA right for me?

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    Hey everyone!
    I'm currently going into my junior year of college. I have a 3.85 GPA at the University of Georgia and have taken all chemistries (gen+organic), and chemistry is my strongest subject. I did a research program this summer where I headed a breast cancer project, and it was awesome! Everyone in my lab was telling me to become an MD, but I think medical school + residency is way too long and stressful for me, personally. I really enjoy research, but again it's too political and take too much time away from family. I took the pCAT and did really well (even though I studied 3 weeks in advance + working a 40 hrs a week). I am thinking of applying to pharmacy school this year, but unsure if it's the right outlet for me, as I am very hands-on and want a job where I feel like I'm really helping people and making a difference. I was thinking about PA school. Does anyone know which would be more beneficial, considering money, work hours, job flexibility, ect?

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