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is there any hope?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by cet, Nov 26, 1999.

  1. cet

    cet Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 25, 1999
    i have read all of the 'what are my chances posts' and none have applied to me and i am hoping you all could help me out.

    i just send in 8 apps to all DO schools. (late)
    i am 27.
    2.62 undergrad GPA in anthropology (cringe)
    spent the last 5 years working as an equity trader.
    3.3 in post bacc program.
    MCAT 7V 8P 8B R (took TPR)
    immersed in osteopathic med (4 DO's in my family)
    lots of volunteering, ER, Special Olympics, Outward Bound.
    joining the pro-kayaking tour this summer whether i get in med school or not.
    if i can get an interview, i think my personality is extraordinarily well-suited for medicine and i can convince the ad comm of that.

    i forgot to mention initially that i shadowed 3 DO's and my recommendations are outstanding.

    i am really nervous that i wont get in....i worked my butt off in the post bacc program but am not a 4.0 student.

    what do you all think? and how can i strengthen my app for next year?


    Just because you're on the wave doesnt mean you are surfing.

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  3. Yosh

    Yosh Livin' in the WINDY CITY 10+ Year Member

    Oct 25, 1999
    NW Indiana
    I am in a similar situation....and I have gotten one interview so far.....don't give up hope!!!!

    Where did you apply to?

    E-mail me privately and we'll chat...I'd love to talk to someone in the same boat....

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  4. Dave

    Dave Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Salt Lake, UT USA
    Give it a shot. I have a better GPA but my MCAT is a little lower. I am going to retake the MCAT in April....and prepare by taking a kaplan class and studing my a-- off so I can improve my score. I am also an EMT, you might consider getting certified. The class is pretty easy and is fun. Continue getting all the health care related expericence you can...maybe an E.R. tech. Good Luck, and if you don't get in this year get your app's in early (June 1) and then return the secondarys asap. There are applicants w/ numbers similar to ours that get in. Generally though they complete their app's very eary which gives them a huge advantage.

    bottom can get in sooner or later if its truly what you want to do.
  5. JG

    JG New Member

    Nov 27, 1999
    Milwaukee, WI
    Cet & Yosh,

    Keep hope alive! I am in a similar situation. My grades are weak. My MCAT's are decent. Yet, I have very strong rec's and experience (lab work, EMT exp., volunteer work). I applied late as well. I haven't heard from any schools yet. Cet, have you? Yosh, where did you get an interview? It's nice to find some people who are in the same boat as myself. I am sick of reading messages from these bookworm freaks with perfect grades and MCAT scores.

    Just trying to gauge my chances,


  6. cet

    cet Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 25, 1999
    hi JG,

    ahhh, i am not alone! nice to know there are more of us out there without exceptional grades. i dont even have any extenuating circumstances regarding my grades, just enjoyed ASU waaaaaay too much. [​IMG] but, 5 years and a post bacc program later has made me realize (probably much like yourself) how much i want to be a doc. only thing is i cant agree with you about is bagging on the people that are 'bookworms.' they deserve kudos for getting the good grades that i dont have.....and if they have as much life experience and are as well rounded as you and me, they just might have our seats in the class of 2004. doh! i sometimes feel that everyone 'out there' is a 40+ MCAT 4.0 gpa and i am never going to get in. nice to know i am not alone ;D

    regarding schools, got nice fat rejects from WV and touro without even getting my secondaries. havent heard a peep otherwise but i just sent in my apps....ill keep my fingers crossed for you and me and yosh [​IMG]

    warmest wishes,
  7. Smile

    Smile Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 2, 1999
    i feel like i have to put my two cents in just because i feel like i have finally found a group of people w/ which i belong. i too am older (25) w/ a less than average undergraduate gpa but outstanding graduate and summer orgo grades, and have a very outgoing personality. i've been working as a health care professional for some time which has given me lots of patient care experience. so far i'm still waiting on interviews, but a DO i spoke w/ says being older and having more life experiences under your belt is a very big plus for DO schools. so i guess we all are in the same boat. once we get our interviews, it's ours to take. i'm still waiting, but optimistically. i hope to hear some positive remarks by you guys so that i can feel better myself! good luck to all!
  8. necee

    necee Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 1, 2000
    i am in the same boat as you... my apps were complete at all schools as of 11-24. to date i have been offered 4 interviews and i am on the waiting/hold list at 2 others (if that means anything). who knows!

    however, i wouldn't throw in the towel yet. you never know. you don't have to be a genius to go to medical school (but it sure would help!).

    Relax and Breath Deeply! Necee
  9. spunkydoc

    spunkydoc Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 2, 1999
    chicago, IL usa
    well cet, from someone who occassionally does these interviews as a student member of the board...

    1. you are in a good year--application volume is low school is more profitable these days! experience is a HUGE plus at a DO school and virtually any school..a mature attitude, team player, that is what folks are looking MUST be TRAINABLE and serious about medicine..on top of that, for osteopathy, you gotta do more than spew the slick book on A.T. still and oh my folks are all gotta show people how it fits YOU..

    3. your academic track record is not great but shows improvement..i would hype that up..

    4. probably your best shot would be at the newer DO schools..also, you might consider ROSS or American inthe Carribean with the understanding that you will have to work your butt off not to get cut from the class and also to get back stateside..their programs are not bad an people do make it back..just a suggestion if you are really serious about medicine

    good luck
  10. DocGibby

    DocGibby Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 21, 1999

    You look like your in good shape for a solid go at it. I think you'll probably get in if not this year then the next. Your problem is that your really getting into the game LATE. Remember, that by Christmas break the classes are roughly half full and the January interviews are schedualed. I'm a traditional applicant (22 yrs old/undergrad applicant) last year I waited till around early december to send in my secondaries. My GPA was around a 3.4 at that time. Long story short. I didn't get accepted because I sent my apps in so late. I corrected the situation by sending my apps in june of the following year (essentially the same stats) and I received several interview requests and was accepted in mid october to my first choice school. None the less, don't give up hope. You might be luckier then I was. I certainly hope you are. If not you should no doubt get in the following year.

    MSUCOM class of 2004
  11. DocGibby

    DocGibby Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 21, 1999
    One last note:

    Unless you hail from the Appalacia region you get rejected immediately from West Virginia. A few others are like that as well. You basically wasted your $50. MSUCOM is a state school (instate pref mainly). Pikeville also has a preference for applacia applicants. I recommend you check the USNEWS and World Report ( for the correct numbers on out of state or out of region applicants for each school.

    MSUCOM class of 2004
  12. argonx

    argonx Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    Philadelphia, PA USA
    Hi Why don't you go to a foriegn school? In the Carb.? You could possibly get in this year. I would like to that. Anyway i wish you
    the best!!!
    p.s i hope you get in to a DO school

    There is more joy in giving then there is in recieving.
  13. JustJohn

    JustJohn New Member

    Jan 9, 2000
    Danville, PA
    Good news all,

    There is hope for everyone.

    My numbers, 2.8 undergrad, 26 MCAT, 3.83 post-bacc. I am 32, and I was lucky to enough to get interviews at LECOM, UHS-COM, Pikeville, PCOM, and Nova.

    Just this past Saturday, luck smiled down upon me....UHS-COM accepted me.

    I am 32, took two application cycles to get an interview. Stay hopeful all, keep the faith, you will get in.

    I believe I learned a great deal about the application process, and I was very aggressive in my approach to these schools. It paid off immensely.

    If there is anyone who would like some tips on what I did, feel free to email me at [email protected]

  14. rowerman

    rowerman Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 2, 1999
    CET: Your Apps. are late and you may need to re-take the MCAT in April (don't wait until August). Re-apply in June, as early as possible, if this time around doesn't work for you. I'm glad to see that there are somewhat "normal" people like yourself out there that want to be doctors. Where else have you applied? Are you from AZ? later
  15. pag

    pag Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 15, 1999
    So where all below the 3.0 grade point average and an average of 8 on each section of the MCAT. It seems that people are having success in matriculating into D.O schools with these numbers.
    The common factors include
    1. a solid background involving volenteer work in the health feild, or a previous work experience, nurse, EMT ect....
    2. A positive personal experience involving a DO who will write you a recommendation and be a mentor during your "pre-med years".
    3. A mature and personal desire in regards to becoming a osteopathic physician and practicing there philosophies.
    4. A choice of osteopathic schools that are appropriate for ourselves that may be located in or around the area that we are interested in practicing. Plus, they are not state schools that you would have very little luck being accepted to unless you are a state resident.
    5. Demostrating a pure and confident desire showing that the DO as opposed to MD is what you aspire to be as opposed to just settling because you hear its an easier program to get into.
    I hate to make lists all the time, but sometimes it rids me/us of all the clutter.
    Would any of you consider this a good starting point plus what would you add to it.?


  16. jdg


    How about the other schools? I'm interested in PCOM, Nova, and LECOM in particular because I have either interviewed or will be interviewing at these schools. So far, I've been accepted to Nova. Interviewed and waiting to hear from PCOM, and will be interviewing at LECOM on Thursday the 13th. Thanks and Good Luck!

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