Is there hope for me?

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Jan 22, 2013
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I just got my MCAT score back and found out I got a 21. I'm devastated. I signed up for a retake in January, do I have any chance of improving 10+ points in four months?

What I did wrong the first time around:
Very sporadic study schedule, did not follow a consistent plan and went sometimes over a week without doing any practice passages (battled depression and various side effects of different drugs to treat it).

Got married over the summer (not a "wrong" thing but definitely made it difficult to stay focused on my studies and was very stressful throughout the months)

Took AAMC 3,4,7,9 and averaged a 25. Took 7 of the GS tests and averaged a 30.

Where I am now:
Depression free, exercising/eating healthy daily, and overall feeling much much happier (aside from the painful MCAT score).

Quitting work and dropping down to one class this semester and following Snd2'd's four month plan religiously (also throwing in extra passages from TPRH SW) reading from the Economist, and practicing lumosity an hour or two a day on my down time.

Any chance I can come back from this and get a 30 next time around? Need some encouragement right now :-/. I KNOW this score isn't an accurate representation of what I am capable of and I'm determined to come back and beat this and be a better person for it!

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OP, your averages were around 25. You had other circumstances that may have lowered it to the below +/- 3 points from your average. But I mean, going into the test with a 25 average probably wasn't the best idea. I did the same thing, first time I had a 24 average hoping for a miracle, ended up with a 23. Got frustrated, but I had to make some radical changes to time allocation and resources used. Spent two solid months doing nothing but MCAT studying, my test average went up to a 29 approximately, and hit a 30 (which is in the +/- 3 from AAMC range.) Raising my score by 7 points turned quite a few heads, and yeah it is rare, but from what I've heard, drastic score increases (which I consider to be 5+ points) come from radical changes in resources and time allocation. Also, don't retake until you are confident in your testing range.
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