Is this a reasonable application schedule?


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May 1, 2012
    Hi folks!

    I will be out of the country for an AWESOME service trip to Central America this summer at the middle of July to the beginning of August (7-15 to 8-10). I know this is strikes during the heart of application season, and some of those "crazy" premeds here on SDN are freaking me out. BTW I am a TX resident.

    Submit TMDSAS by end of month (or very early June)
    Prewrite secondaries (based on previous prompts) for TX schools and a few OOS schools

    Submit AMCAS by middle of month
    Submit TMDSAS secondaries if possible
    Prewrite secondaries for OOS schools

    Finish all TMDSAS secondaries
    Submit the AMCAS secondaries available early in the month

    Complete rest of secondaries by end of month

    What do you guys think of my proposed schedule? I'm not aiming to be one of those people to submit on the first day, but would still like to submit "early." Is finishing secondaries by August still considered early by regular (NOT SDN) standards?

    My biggest concern is this "2-wk" rule that some people have talked about regarding secondaries. I will have little to no internet/computer access during my trip, so it is very possible that I will have secondaries sitting in my inbox for a few weeks.


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    Aug 27, 2009
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      Most schools send secondaries quickly enough that you should be able to finish all of them between the time you submit your application and the time you leave for your trip, especially if you pre-write them. And even if you can't finish them all before the trip, finishing your secondaries by end of August is totally fine. That's about when I was complete. It may be preferable to finish them earlier (in theory, the earlier you're complete, the earlier you get an interview invite, and the earlier you get an acceptance--and the earlier you can stop stressing!), but August is not too late by any means. As for the "two week" rule, a lot of secondaries ask about your plans for the summer and upcoming year, so you can mention your trip and I'm sure they'll understand! Enjoy the trip!
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