Is this clinical?

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Apr 14, 2010
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I'm applying for jobs at local hospitals and wanted to know if this would be considered clinical experience?

"Provides care for children in assigned groups stressing individual needs within the developmental framework of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Adheres to developmentally appropriate practice. Oversees team planning for designed class or classes. The teaching staff of the X Child Care Programs believes that the preschool years are vitally important to a child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. The staff throughout each of the centers attempts to create an environment and provide experiences which are conducive to a child's continuing growth in these areas. The children are helped to develop feelings of confidence and well being by having opportunities for successful encounters with adults, peers, and their physical environment. Activities are provided to challenge the child within the context of his or her appropriate developmental level."

It doesn't state if the children are patients or are children of patients, so I was a bit unsure. (I already called to confirm, waiting for a call back.)

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I would say no, as it's not really related to healthcare. However, it is good volunteering and if it's something you want to help with I definitely think you should. :thumbup:

Clinical is something like post-op patient care.
If they are pediatric pts at a hospital or clinical, then yes (because you're working w/ sick/injured, vulnerable people). If it's more like daycare for kids of pts, then no.