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Aug 2, 2017
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First of all, good luck to all on mcat studying & i'm happy to finally be a part of the sdn forums.

The situation: I've recently been torn between the TPR and Kaplan mcat courses and have finally decided that the TPR ultimate online is the way for me to go. I feel like it'll provide me with a backbone plan and allow me to flourish with my self study on my free time/ extra work I put in. Although I have gone with TPR, it is important to mention that I was lucky enough to receive a 60% on any MCAT kaplan class and its absolutely KILLING me knowing I'm not gonna end up using the discount. I've talked to my girlfriend and family and the general consensus was "You dont have to use it just because its discounted." Sure, thats great advise but I feel like its hard for me to pass up the opportunity at paying 1000$ for a 2500$ class. So this is what I've been thinking and have come to the forums to ask you all: Would it be overkill to take the ultimate online TPR from september to december SUN, Tue, Thurs and an IN-PERSON Kaplan Mcat course on Sat from September-December together? (Hoping to test late January 2018) Are two courses manageable? Would the online/in person balance help me in the long run or be detrimental?

It's just hard for me to let go of such a great deal and I feel like i'd be wasting a good opportunity, but that's why I have come to you all. What do yall think?

Side question: Does TPR course provide you with the latest edition of their books?


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Nov 2, 2015
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These 2 courses together will not be manageable. You have to put in significant time outside of class learning. For Kaplan at least, very little actual content teaching is done in class. It's mostly strategy. As someone who has taken a Kaplan course, the #1 reason you should want the course is the MCAT channel they provide. They basically have daily seminars on high yield topics either live (where you can chat with off screen tutors and ask questions) or pre-recorded where you're just watching. If that deal applies to the self-paced online course, I might do it just for the MCAT channel. Call and ask if it's offered with that option though.

FWIW, If I had to pick one company to go through for MCAT preparation, I would choose Altius. Their practice tests are the best, and their reps on here really know their stuff for the newer MCATs. I've heard their course is extremely difficult, but it sounds like you could mange it.
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