Aug 15, 2016
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Starting from Mid august through mid December, my plan is to diligently go through all of princeton reviews material (I'm planning on purchasing their books for each subject, but can someone else clarify what this comes with and what more I'll have to do besides getting through the books)?

Then starting mid december, take Kaplan's self pace, with access to their MCAT channel and all the AMCAS stuff. I was going to get through Kaplan stuff and use their online resources, supplement that with possibly examkrackers or TBR (which one is better for practice?) and then finish up with the AMCAS stuff close to my test date...

Please, express your opinions! Call me stupid for thinking I can get all of this done, anything. I'm panicking about this exam already and I want to make sure I'm sufficiently prepped for it.

I'm a rising Junior btw and going abroad to london in the fall, which is why I'm not taking the course in the fall because i don't think I can commit time (especially because I'll be taking biochemistry and physiology).

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!


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May 29, 2017
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Bump... any advice would be appreciated! Last day for these discounts is today...

Not sure if you ended up doing your above plan, but I really would not recommend using more than one of the test companies. Honestly they do a pretty good job of providing content for you to study. If you come across areas that you're bereft in then Khan academy is an option (this is what I used!).

I used TPR and loved their stuff (I did not take a class). I would just take their class and use their materials. Buy all the AAMC materials too, btw. By far the best stuff to prep!
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