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Sep 19, 2007
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I cannot believe it... I didn't think this day would ever come... I turned in my thesis to get bound. I have my Masters degree. :D It's been five years in the running. Ok, ok, so I after I transferred schools, it only took me the typical two years, but counting time spent at the previous school (before my advisor left me) it's been 5 years in the making. I have to finish up my last few snakes before I submit my manuscript for publication and I have to draw blood for another month. But as far as the school is concerned, I am DONE!!! Now I have to concentrate on other things (like applying to vet school).

Just had to shout from the mountain top! ;)


Iowa State CVM '12
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Apr 18, 2008
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Congrats dude! That must have been lots and lots and lots of hours and gallons of sweat! I know doing my undergrad research and trying to get it published was bad enough for a year and a half - I can't imagine 5 years of it!!!

Go out and celebrate!
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Illinois c/o 2012!
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Feb 24, 2008
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Congrats! What did you do your research on? I just finished up an undergrad "thesis" on Texas ratsnake immunology, fun stuff. People need to spend more time on snakes, they're pretty interesting subjects (if I do say so myself!).
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