I've heard rumblings about a new D.O. program in Yakima, WA...

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Jun 6, 2005
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Anybody with more solid info here?
One of the D.O.s I work with (peds) mentioned this to me in passing but didn't know much more about it. I want SOLID INFO.
I'm a family practice PA for 5 years now seeking affordable med school in my region (in Oregon now, OHSU is outrageously expensive even for in-state). I might actually relocate to Yakima, work for a couple years, then apply DO if feasible for in-state tuition if it seemed doable.

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If you pull up the washington osteopathic society website and dig around into their newsletters you'll find some info regarding the school. You'll probablly also be able to locate names to follow up on for more information.
Thanks goodrain...I was on the website a little last night but gave up without looking at the newsletters.
I'll go back to it.
Anybody else???
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yep, their projected opening date fall 2007. i don't know if instate tuition would be an option, though, because i think they're going to be private. of course, washingtonians qualify for wiche, right? oregonians get squat. :(
I found this digging around on the net the other day. I'm a WA resident and would consider this school but don't expect in-state tuition - the DO medical school-business model is for expensive private schools. Let's hope that the school uses the money to start a teaching hospital instead of asking local docs to volunteer their time to teach third and fourth year students.

As mentioned in a previous post, there is a private group attempting to build a D.O. school in Yakima Washington. However, the private organization is still attempting to secure twenty million dollars in financing. This is not the first time a group has contemplated building a D.O. school in Washington so I guess time will tell if it actually happens. It would be wonderful if the project does go through. If the group actually does build the facility it will be interesting to see what the 3rd and 4th year clerkship setup will be. With the University of Washington School Of Medicine pretty much controlling the majority of possible sites in the state, this new school may have to set up many of their third and fourth year rotations out of the area or set up sites in rural areas of the state.