LECOM Erie haven't heard back?

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Nov 18, 2019
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I interviewed around 45 days ago with LECOM Erie. I have not heard anything back. I heard that decisions are sent via mail. I check the admission status on the website daily but there is no update. I heard some people see some sort of update in the system. Should I send an email to admissions? I received acceptances at other medical schools, should I send a letter of intent to LECOM and inform them of my other acceptances?

I would appreciate any feedback, Thank You!

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What did they tell you during your interview? Given the timeline, you might as well just check in. You don't need to say more.
They have recorded interviews where you are given a prompt and your response is recorded. No human interaction. After you have to attend a info session. Nothing speaks personal like LECOM.

I was accepted here a few months ago. Ended up withdrawing it due to the bad vibes I got from them.
In your portal admission status it should say that a decision has been made on your application and that you will receive the decision by mail within a certain amount of time. If your status hasn't change on your portal there isn't much you can do but wait. If it says that a decision has been made and the deadline they said has passed, you you should reach out to them. From the looks of it, they have been really behind this year.
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With other acceptances, what is the problem with waiting? I don't think you have to declare until April if memory serves me. I think LECOM would be worth waiting for as they are one of the most.inexpensive med schools in the country. It averages less than 40 k a year. Something to think about as physician supply increases. As supply increases what happens to demand? It decreases along with compensation. Having a smaller student loan payment helps. If your family is wealthy or you are on military scholarship, forget what I said and go where you are the best fit. Good luck and best wishes!
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