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Aug 16, 2003
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I assumed this would be the appropiate room to ask my question.

Who in NYC would you consider to be the best regarding Reproductive Endocrinology? I have been considering 2 places One is Cornell University and the other Mount Sinai. Me and my wife are looking for the best program when dealing with IVF, she has tubal problem and was recommeded by her doctor in florida she does a IVF procedure and told us while she is quite young (26) it would be easier for her to get pregnat if we do the procedure now. I am now in NYC.

My problem is I dont know who is the best when regarding IVF I want to bring my wife to the best program that would give her the best oppertunity to have a successful preganancy.

If someone could shed some light for me I would appreciate it a lot. Any rec's would be appreciated, does not have to b between Cornell or Mount Sinai, if somone knows a better pogram please feel free to write.

Thank you ahead of time taking he time to help me.


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Sep 18, 2004
i have no idea which program is best, but here's some questions to inquire about different programs:

How many cycles does the program do each year?
What is their success rate?
How many embryos do they typically implant?

You should also ask yourself, given the morbidities that come with multiple gestations, how many embryos would you be comfortable reimplanting? Are you comfortable with selective reduction?

Good luck
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