i dont know if you guys ever read JAMA, but theres a bunch of interesting studies and essays in the current issue. there's one HUGE article on family care medicine and whats up with it today...there are also several essays discussing an ethical issue concerning female genital mutilation...and a whole article describing the history of the MCAT! not to mention, pages of info on every med school, tuition, # of instate/outstate students, etc. also tables on how many residents were on duty on August 1, 2001, organized by specialty, race, gender, that type of thing. it's really interesting..i spent much of yesterday thumbing through the journal. you guys should check it out.

bikiniprincess, your presentation sounds pretty thorough. are you willing to share? i for one would be very interested!


oops, i meant to put this in the current events thread. sorry for cluttering the first page...but anyway i guess it's not a big deal.

Street Philosopher

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Aug 10, 2000
ann arbor
thanks for the heads up! i get JAMA at my house.

everytime i opened it, all i saw were boring ass articles and tons of drug ads. but if it has all the stuff in there like you said, it'll be a good read.
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