Aug 25, 2016
Hoping for some advice on my situation (sorry its going to be long)...

So I took a job offer from one of the major retail chains during my fourth year so I would at least have something waiting for me after graduation. I had no prior experience working in any kind of pharmacy environment until rotations, so I felt thankful and lucky to get a job offer. I started a grad intern while I studied for the boards- they gave me 24hrs/week for 6 weeks to be an intern. I didn't do 24hrs every week so I was able to stretch my grad intern for 8 weeks. This area required me to get licensed in two states- I did not pass my first attempt at the law exam for one state, but just found out yesterday that I passed the law exam for the other state. I have not been working for the past 1.5 weeks because they did not have any more hours to give me as a grad intern and I haven't told them I passed the other law exam yet- mainly because I did not feel well trained at the retail store (so I am kinda freaked out) and I am kinda waiting to hear back from some other positions I applied to I (couple hospital position and a mail order pharmacy position). The hospital positions were in the state I did not pass the law exam in (I am rescheduled to take it next week) and I interviewed with them last week and haven't heard anything back (not sure if its because the interview was so/so or because Im not currently licensed in the state they are in)- but I'm kinda of losing hope on those. So I applied to a mail order pharmacist position (in the state Im licensed in) and they said I could potentially start as early as next week. The mail order position is a 1 month contract with potential to turn into something more permanent.

The dilemma comes in that if I decide to go with the mail order pharmacy position, I am not sure what I have to do with my current "employer." I haven't worked as pharmacist for the retail job yet, but I guess I am technically employed. I know I have to tell the DM but do I need to give a two week notice? And what method should I tell him (phone/email)?

Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

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Jan 18, 2014
why would you quit a full time job in order to take a contract job that is guaranteed for only a month?
tell them you have a license in one of the states and start using your degree - don't expect any hospital to hire you without an active license unless you are in a high demand area - which i doubt is the case if your grad intern position wasn't even full time


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Jun 10, 2004
This is no-brainer. Do not take the contract job.
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Jun 9, 2015
I would say that your best bet is your retail offer. The retail chain will work with you. They won't just let you go because you did not pass the MPJE or one of the two MPJEs. Everyone and their mother is failing the new MPJE. They always give new grads a deadline to get licensed but they will work with you as long as they know what's going on.

The contract job is a no go in my eyes. It is for 1 month. There is no point in that even if you get hired on full time. Don't get black listed by a major retail chain. Hopefully, you are talking about Walmart or Supervalue and not CVS.